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Wondering how we make our cakes so amazing? I'll let you in on a secret - it's love - and for any other questions that might pop up, probably have a squiz through our FAQ


Choosing the flavour of your wedding cake IS a big deal, especially for a cake-loving couple. That's why we have created cakemail, a small package of various cake samples sent straight to your door on a quarterly basis (or you can pickup!)

*ask us when the next one is..

evoke co photography wedding cake

We are happy to take all the stress out of your special day.  I personally deliver and setup your cake, ensuring everything is perfect with your centerpiece and surrounds, ready and awaiting  your arrival



Beautiful cakes & sweets for your precious babes blessed day

Make someones birthday extra special with a decadent cake from us, we promise to put in quality ingredients, and a ridiculous amount of time to perfect your brief

We pretty much always have cake around, so we totally understand your want to have one at your event, just let us know what you like!




Delicious short buttery biscuits, lusciously dotted with exceptional Australian Vanilla Beans. Decorated specifically for you, to be co-hesive across your event and complement with your event  theme


Oh my god! Yep.. we do doughnuts - its been a family tradition for generations 

we do old-school, quality, hand cut, yeast risen doughnuts with actual chewiness and unbelievable flavour and most importantly - fried on the same day as your event 

| if it aint fried' - it aint a donut |


We are totally obsessed with beautiful traditional recipes and have quite the collection! creating delicate portuguese tarts, fluffy cupcakes, rich chocolate brownies, cheesecakes, parisian brest, choux buns, you name it, we've probably made it

Willow and George offers a boutique approach to beautifully baked goods and stylised centerpieces for your events, we are proud to offer personal bespoke designs with our modern, organic style. For clientele that aren't looking to recreate a cookie-cutter cake design found online.

Based in Wollongong and available by appointment only.

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